Welcome dear guest on takeoff place maintained by the paragliding club JPD KANIN. You are visiting us from all over the world because of beautiful nature and perfect flying conditions. There is enough space for everyone, especially if we respect each other and we consider the rules below:

  • Due to the proximity of the sport airport Bovec, flying is permied in accordance with some rules and limitaons agreed with the airport. It is strictly prohibited to fly in the airport zone. The landing field is on the eastern side of Bovec named Breg (wind sock).
  • Fly safe – only under favourable conditions!
  • Max. allowed altitude is 2900m ASL
  • For taking off and landing please use only official, marked places.
  • Organized flying outside registered take off places is not allowed!
  • Respect the nature, animals, plants, birds…
  • Take all lier with you!

All activities such as flying instructions, tandem flying, competitions, gatherings and other commercial activities must be coordinated with the paragliding club JPD KANIN. For further informaon, flight announcements, complaints and any other quesons we are available at the e-mail:

You can find more information and detailed maps of the area in PDFs listed below: